Consulting Services

Blue Sun Enterprises provides hourly consultation services for spacecraft flight software and VML sequencing services.

Principal VML / flight software developer:  $220 / hr

Senior flight software developer:  $160 / hr

Discount available for 0.75 and higher full-time equivalent


VML 3.0 and support software licenses

VML Flight Component C Source Code + Offline Virtual Machine C Source Code + VML Compiler Executable
Deep space mission (class B)$150,000 / year
Deep space flight demo (class C/D)$100,000 / year
Deep space technology demo (class C/D)$100,000 / year
Government non-flight (experimental)$50,000 / year
VMLDB Database Definition Tool$20,000 / year
VMLXLT Configuration App (Linux, Mac OS)$20,000 / year
VMLCMD Data-driven Command Conversion App (Linux, Mac OS)$20,000 / year

VML installation and training seminar:

1 full day plus 2 half days, project-wide material and video license$10,000

BRIDGE C Source Code$50,000 / year