Virtual Machine Language

Virtual Machine Language is a spacecraft sequencing software suite available from Blue Sun Enterprises. Previous versions have been developed with NASA funding for use on a variety of missions, including the Spitzer Space Telescope, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Phoenix, Dawn, GRAIL, and Juno.


Reactive Rendezvous and Docking Sequencer

Return poses some of the most challenging operational activities of any NASA deep space mission. Rendezvous of a vehicle with a sample canister in order to return the canister to Earth requires a variety of complex mathematical processing on a changing data set, coupled with the need to safely and effectively handle a large range of off-nominal conditions and spacecraft faults. Light speed delay isolates the spacecraft from real-time operator intervention, while inertial and situational uncertainties demand reactivity not required of typical spacecraft sequencing systems. These mission features call for a new class of sequencing capability: the Reactive Rendezvous and Docking Sequencer (RRDS).


Blue Sun Real-time Integrated Deployment General Environment

BRIDGE code provides a flight software services layer applicable to almost any mission. The code includes a real-time operating system adaptation layer, message queues, uplink, downlink, telemetry, command dispatch, high precision process scheduling, and configurable general-purpose i/o. BRIDGE is VML aware, making use of the internal command building capabilities that are part of VML.