Virtual Machine Language


Virtual Machine Language is a spacecraft sequencing software suite available from Blue Sun Enterprises. Previous versions have been developed with NASA funding for use on a variety of missions, including the Spitzer Space Telescope, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Phoenix, Dawn, GRAIL, and Juno.

The current commercially available version is VML 3.0, developed under both NASA SBIR funding and internal Blue Sun research and development funding. VML 3.0 is available to qualified projects at published licensing rates. Blue Sun employs the author of VML, Dr. Christopher Grasso, to provide support to customers once a delivery has been requested.

The VML package includes source code for a flight software component coded in C, source code for a workstation component with a user interface for testing sequences, and source code for a compiler which translates human-readable VML script into an uplinkable binary format.

In addition, access is available for missions needing it to full documentation that defines requirements and design. Access is also available to an exhaustive set of automated unit tests allows the code to be checked for consistency after adaptation to a new environment.

Tools for configuring VML are available as additional products.

VML 3.0 source code delivery content:

  • Source code for VML flight component, OLVM, command generator
  • Binary of VML compiler, variety of support tools
  • Tested for compatibility with Gnu and GreenHills tool chains
  • Compatible with RTEMS, VxWorks, FreeBSD, Linux

The request for VML should come directly from the person or group using the software, along with an indication of the use to which the software will be put. The usual process is for Blue Sun to send a standard license to the requester, with delivery of VML once the license is signed and returned. Note that there may be restrictions regarding export to non-U.S. citizens or organizations.